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I ran across Dan Peter’s blog  when I was trying expand on the Salesforce Rich Text Field WYSIWYG and I noticed that if you use firebug and look at the iframe used for the WYSIWYG editor there is a parameter in the url, “&Toolbar=SalesforceBasic” that if you REMOVE it, it will unleash additional functionality from the CKeditor. (see image)

I created some javascript that will do this automaticaly and the only thing you have to do is replace the iframe id i used, “textAreaDelegate_Content__c___Frame” with your iFrame id.

Note : “textAreaDelegate_Content__c___Frame” – view source code and change corresponding “rich text field ID”.
for Ex: richText ID – 00NW0000000KgEPMA0 then replace like ‘00NW0000000KgEPMA0___Frame
its achieve in the standard pages new/edit alone, so that add above code into Home page component and provide the access to corresponding profile and check it. 
its working for me 🙂

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