9 – Unlock Limited Edition Community Badges, Earn Swags, Trailblazer hoodie, certification vouchers – October 2021

9 – unlock a limited-edition community badge and enter for a chance to win a Swags and Trailblazer hoodie, Salesforce certification vouchers, and importantly updating your salesforce knowledge by yourself using Trailhead platform, then why you wait!

Navigate from Trailhead -> Community (menu) -> Quests (Quick Link)


In this video covered following topics:

1) Where the limited edition community badge displayed in your trailblazer profile
2) How to achieve limited-edition community badge, salesforce swags & salesforce certification vouchers thru Trailhead Platform
3) What all are the limited-edition community badge available to crack this October month

1. Trick or Trailhead VII (Salesforce usually provide the fun way limited edition community badge during the time for Halloween period, To earn this limited-edition community badge, Complete any Trailhead badge (either module/projects from Oct 21 – Oct 31 to earn a limited community badge #TrailheadQuest)

2. Dream Quest 2021
Read the instructions below setp by step and complete the task & module then have chances to win Trailblazer hoodies or Swags, additionally Dream Quest 2021 limited community badge

3. Design Days UX Quest
Complete this UX Designer trailmix between October 1 – 31, 2021 to enter for a chance to win² a $200 Salesforce Certification Voucher and along with Design Days UX limited community badge

4. Multi-Factor Authentication Quest
Using this trailmix, you can Learn how to become an Multi-Factor Authentication expert. Complete this challenge by oct this month and to earn a limited community badge and enter for a chance to win³ a $200 Salesforce Certification Voucher.

5. Salesforce.org Week of Learning Quest
Get up-to-date on Nonprofit Cloud and our Week of Learning. Complete this quest by October 31, 2021 to earn a special community badge.

6 & 7 – Learn MOAR Winter ‘22 Quest (Admin & Developer) – in this one there are two limited community badge, one for admin & another one for developer. salesforce release new features/upgrade the features 3 times per year, i.e Summer, Winter, Spring. now its a witer 22 release
Complete the trailmix for admins or developers between September 6, 2021 – October 31, 2021 to unlock a community badge and enter for a chance to win⁴ a Salesforce Certification Voucher

8. Developer Super Set Quest
Complete the Developer Super Set between September 1 – October 31, 2021 to earn a limited-edition community badge. & its a developer related super badges.

9. Google Cloud Essentials Quest
Create and connect compute resources in Google Cloud. Complete this trailmix by November 30, 2021 to earn a special community badge and enter for a chance to win a Google Cloud Essentials hat (1 of 200).

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