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What is Change Set?
Change Set is the deployment tool by which Sales force Developer/Administrator can upload/deploy the changes to Sandbox (Test Environment) to Production. You can go in Setup>Deploy>Select any option of deployment. You can deploy changes in between Sandbox to Sandbox also.
There are three main topics and steps to understand first before deployment:
1. Outbound Change set:
This is first step to the deployment through Change set. Outbound change set is nothing but creation of connection or select the changes you done in Sandbox like Object, Custom Fields, Validation, Workflow, Classes, Trigger etc. For that you have to follow below steps.
· Login in to Sandbox account of Salesforce.com.
· Go to Setup>Deploy>Outbound Change set: It will show you information on Change set and Outbound/Inbound change set information.
· Press Continue button on this page.
· Click on New button and create the outbound change set. Enter the Name of outbound change set and description of this and Click on Save.
· Once you get outbound change set detail page click Add button on Change Set Components.
· This page

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will show you Component Type (App, Analytical Snapshot, Apex Class, Apex Sharing Reason, Apex Trigger, Button or Link, Custom Fields, Custom Label, Object, Report Type, Custom Setting, Dashboard, Document, Email Template, Field Set, Folder, Home page Component etc.) Select any of above part and Click on Add To Change Set Button.

· After above step you will get the list of components added on change set component section.
· You can view or add dependencies in this section.
· Click on Add Profile in Profile Setting for included components means you can ass profile your can see or share the changes whatever you have done.
· After completing above steps click on Upload button. This will do the actual deployment to the Production/other Sandbox.
· Select any option from given list of Sandbox and Production.
· Click on Upload button to selected environment.
· After above step you will get Completion Email on your given email id. Means you have successfully uploaded the outbound change set.
2. Deployment Connection:
This connection step will automatically created by Sales force. Which is allows the customization to be copied from one organization to another organization. Your should be login in Production to check above list.
3. Inbound Change Set:
Inbound change set is automatically created once outbound change set it created inbound change set gets the all changes sent by outbound change set.
· Select on inbound change set and get detail of outbound.
· You can view change set components list and deployment history.
· Click on validate it will show validation history in deployment History.
· Click on Deployment after successful validation and can see Deployment History.

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