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Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Release Exam


What is a new feature in Lightning Experience added to Reports and Dashboards in this release?
A. Matrix Reports
B. Joined Reports
C. Row limit filters on Dashboards
D. Subscribe to Reports
E. Subscribe to Dashboard

Which data protection functionality does the Individual object provide?
A. Personal Information packaging
B. Personal Information deletion
C. Data Privacy Preferences
D. Data Privacy Protection

Which new standard feature should an App Builder use to collect Sales team feedback about a new Lightning page layout?
A. Survey Quick Action
B. Survey Email Alert
C. Survey Visualforce page
D. Survey Lightning component

How can an App Builder add a Flow to the Action menu on a Lighting record page?
A. Using a Global Action
B. Using an Auto-launched Flow
C. Using an Object-specific Action
D. Using a Lightning component

Which object now triggers a Process Builder and Workflow Rule?
A. Orders
B. Topics
C. Assets
D. Campaigns

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