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Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Release Exam


What is the replacement that Salesforce recommends for Force.com IDE 2 Beta? 
A. Workbench
B. Developer Console
C. Salesforce Extensions for VS Code 
D. MavensMate for Sublime Tex
Which debug type captures information related to accessing external objects with the Salesforce Connect cross-org and OData adapters? 

Which global variable can be used to detect whether a Visualforce page is loaded in Lightning apps with console navigation or standard navigation? 
A. $User.UITheme 
B. $Organization.IJITheme
C. $UI.IJserTheme
D. $Browser.formFactor
Which Salesforce command line interface (CLI) command supports the generation of new Apex triggers? 
A. force:apex:trigger:create 
B. force:schema:sobject: -t | createtrigger
C. force: data :sobject: createtrigger
D. force:trigger:new

What can be used to control the styling and behavior of the Salesforce login process?
A.  Process Builder on login event
B. Quick Action on login event
C. Lightning component login flow
D. Visualforce Page login flow 

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