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Salesforce Administrator Certification Release Exam


The Administrator for Universal Containers is asked to provide the Sales teams with Opportunity Splits so that the of 6 opportunity owner has better visibility into their share of the deal. Which functionality is available with Opportunity Splits?
A. Send Opportunity Split notifications automatically.
B. Create a new Opportunity Split directly from the account record.
C. Add or adjust splits from the Opportunity Splits related list
D. Assign a dedicated opportunity owner to the split.
What must the administrator consider when enabling Themes?
A. Chatter External Users also see the custom theme.
B. Any user can select a theme and avatar based on their role.
C. There is no built-in theme if a custom theme is not created.
D. Only one theme can be active at a time and is applied to the entire org.
Which three features are available with Salesforce Files? Choose 3 answers
A. Allow Standard Users to create and delete content assets.
B. I Access files with the view list of assets feature.
C. I Integrate Quip to chat and collaborate on Files.
D. I Create Asset Files for Unauthenticated users.
E. Automatically upload .pdf files from an email attachment.
What are the path steps based upon when creating a campaign path?
A. Lead record types
B. Picklist field values
C. Business processes
D. Campaign responses
Which functionality is available to a support agent directly from the case feed?
A. Reply and forward an email
B. Mass email
C. Delete an email
D. Configure an email template
Which three functions are available with chart enhancements in Lightning Experience? Choose 3 answers
A. 1 Download chart images from dashboard components.
B. Combine small groups into “Others” on any chart.
C. I Set chart legend position.
D. I Show total in the center of donut charts.
E. Display up to 2,000 groups in line and bar charts in dashboards.
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