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Salesforce Administrator Certification Release Exam – Summer 18


Sales and Analytics Admin Question and Answers:

In what type of format does a field, using the data type Time, appear in Lightning and the Salesforce mobile app?
A. Calendar
B. Picklist
C. Clock
D. Clock Text
A marketing operations user has been tasked with the job of merging duplicate leads that are owned by the lead generation team. What configuration setting should the system administrator set to allow the operations users to merge and delete leads they don’t own?
A. Assign the Modify All Data permission to the user.
B. Assign the Marketing User profile to the user.
C. Enable the Org-Wide Merge and Delete setting.
D. Assign the user to a Delegated Administrator Group.
What Salesforce feature can a system administrator configure to guide a sales rep through the customer lifecycle?
A. Path for Contacts
B. Custom Status Field
C. Path for Leads
D. Interaction Log
How should a system administrator organize report folders so global sales reports are grouped together, then subgrouped by region?
A. Use a folder naming convention that includes sequential numbers for each region.
B. Create a folder for sales reports and subfolders for each region.
C. Use folder sharing to limit the visibility of each region’s folder.
D. Pin the Global Sales folder above the Regional folders.

Service and Communities Admin Question and Answers:

What type of email template must be used so users can send attachments in an email by dragging and dropping the file into the email?
A. Text only
B. HTML email publisher
C. Visualforce
D. Letterhead
On which page layout will users have the ability to view a dropdown menu for Reply, Reply All, and Forward email functions?
A. Case close layout
B. Activity layout
C. Home page layout
D. Case feed layout
What Salesforce component allows users to switch between languages when viewing knowledge articles?
A. Language Chooser
B. Language Field on the Company Profile
C. Language Field on the User Record
D. Translation Workbench
Where are community members able to create or revise knowledge articles?
A. Partner Community
B. Customer Community
C. Napili Template
D. Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Template

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