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quality centre21. What is meant by Instance?
A Test Case imported from Test Plan module to Test Lab module is called an Instance of that test case. It is possible to have multiple instances of the same Test Case in the Test Lab Module.

22. Is it possible to maintain test data in Quality Center?
Yes. One can attach the test data to the corresponding test cases or create a separate folder in test plan to store them.

23. How to ensure that there is no duplication of bugs in Quality Center?
In the defect tracking window of QC,  there is a “find similar defect” icon. When this icon is clicked after writing the defect, if anybody else has entered the same defect then it points it out.

24. What will be the status in Quality Center if you give “Suggestion” to the Developer?
This is a trick question.

You can give “Suggestion” to the developer using the Comments sections provided in QC. This is will not change the current status of Defect in QC. In sum, the status of the defect remains the same,  as that  before giving suggestion to the developer.

25. How will you generate the defect ID in Quality Center?
The Defect ID is automatically generated after clicking Submit button.

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