Home Interview Questions and Answers Salesforce.com Administrator (ADM201) Certification Questions and Answers Part-5

salesforce41.You can  use conditional highlighting for summary and matrix report only

A. True

B. False

42.Which  of the following is an automated process your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce.com?

A. Validation Process

B. Approval Process

C. Workflow Rules

D. Record Types

43.Which  of the following Email Template cannot be used to send a mass email?

A. Text

B. HTML with Letterhead

C. Custom HTML

D. Visualforce 

44.Which  of  the following object does not support the Business process?

A. Lead

B. Account

C. Opportunity

D. Case

E. Solution

45.Which  of  the following does not need business process?

a. Leads

b. Opportunities

c. Contacts

d. Cases

46.In which  of the following edition you can create a Managed Package?

A. Professional Edition

B. Full Test Sandbox

C. Developer Edition

D. Unlimited Edition

E. Enterprise Edition

47.Can a user restrict access with the help of the sharing rules?

A. Yes

B. No 

48.Is it  possible for users to override their own forecasts and forecasts for users below them in the forecast hierarchy?

A. Yes

B. No

49.With  sharing rules one can make automatic exceptions to the organization–wide default for defined sets of users.

A. True

B. False

50.An opportunity  that reaches the threshold with 80% probability will trigger additional alerts if the probability subsequently goes higher to 85%.

A. Yes

B. No

C. Depends on the Settings

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