Home Interview Questions and Answers Salesforce.com Administrator (ADM201) Certification Questions and Answers Part-2

salesforce11.Which of the following is not a Standard Salesforce.com Application?

A. Service

B. Sales

C. Call Center

D. Community

E. Marketing

12.Which of the field types cannot be used as an External Id?

A. Text Field

B. Number Field

C. Picklist Field

D. Email Id Field

13.Which of the following cannot be on the controlling side of the Dependent Picklist?

A. Checkbox

B. Custom Picklist

C. Standard Picklist

D. Multi Select Picklist

14.On Lead Conversion, the Close Date of the newly created opportunity is automatically set to?

A. Blank

B. Today ()

C. Last Day of Current Quarter

D. Last Day of Current Month

E. Last Day of Current Year

15.Which of the following profile permissions will enables the User to edit any record, regardless of the Sharing Model?

A. Customize Application

B. View Setup and Configuration

C. View All Data

D. Modify All Data

E. None of the Above

16.Can an administrator change the profile settings of the Standard Solution Manager profile?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Depends on the Setting of the Administrator profile

17.Queues cannot be created on which Object in salesforce.com?

A. Lead

B. Case

C. Account

D. Custom Object

18.Which of the following is not a valid business process in Salesforce.com?

A. Sales Processes

B. Marketing Process

C. Lead Processes

D. Support Processes

E. Solution Processes

19.What is the significance of Primary Master – Detail Relationship in a Junction Object?

A. Look and Feel is inherited from Primary Master Object

B. Record Ownership is inherited from Primary Master Object

C. No such Significance

D. Both A & B 

20.What happens when you delete an object that is related to a junction object by a lookup relationship?

A. The junction object is deleted

B. The related fields in the junction object is deleted

C. The master records are deleted

D. The intersection object is deleted

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