advanced java103. What restrictions are placed on the values of each case of a switch statement?

During compilation, the values of each case of a switch statement must evaluate to a value that can be promoted to an int value.

104. What modifiers may be used with an interface declaration?

An interface may be declared as public or abstract.

105. Is a class a subclass of itself?

A class is a subclass of itself.

106. What is the highest-level event class of the event-delegation model?

The java.util.EventObject class is the highest-level class in the event-delegation class hierarchy.

107. What event results from the clicking of a button?

The ActionEvent event is generated as the result of the clicking of a button.

108. How can a GUI component handle its own events?

A component can handle its own events by implementing the required event-listener interface and adding itself as its own event listener.

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