asp.net103. Write three common properties of all validation controls.
Three common properties of validation controls are as follows:
ControlToValidate – Provides a control to validate
ErrorMessage – Displays an error message
IsValid – Specifies if the control’s validation has succeeded or not
Text – Displays a text for validation control before validation

104. What are navigation controls? How many navigation controls are there in ASP.NET 4.0?
Navigation controls help you to navigate in a Web application easily. These controls store all the links in a hierarchical or drop-down structure; thereby facilitating easy navigation in a Web application.
There are three navigation controls in ASP.Net 4.0.

105. What happens if an ASP.NET server control with event-handling routines is missing from its definition?

The compilation of the application fails.

106. What are server-side comments?
Server-side comments are included in an ASP.NET page for the purpose of documentations as shown in the following code snippet:
<%–This is an example of server-side comments –%>
The server-side comments begin with <%– and end with –%>.

107. How can we provide the WebParts control functionality to a server control?
We can provide the WebParts controls functionality to a server control by setting the CreateWebPart property of WebPartManger.

108. How do you prevent a validation control from validating data at the client end?
You can prohibit a validation control to validate data at the client side by setting the EnableClientScriptproperty to False.

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