asp.net37. How does a content page differ from a master page?
A content page does not have complete HTML source code; whereas a master page has complete HTML source code inside its source file.

38. Suppose you want an ASP.NET function (client side) executed on the MouseOver event of a button. Where do you add an event handler?
The event handler is added to the Add() method of the Attributes property.

39. What is the default timeout for a Cookie?
The default time duration for a Cookie is 30 minutes.

40. What are HTTP handlers in ASP.NET?
HTTP handlers, as the name suggests, are used to handle user requests for Web application resources. They are the backbone of the request-response model of Web applications. There is a specific event handler to handle the request for each user request type and send back the corresponding response object.
Each user requests to the IIS Web server flows through the HTTP pipeline, which refers to a series of components (HTTP modules and HTTP handlers) to process the request. HTTP modules act as filters to process the request as it passes through the HTTP pipeline. The request, after passing through the HTTP modules, is assigned to an HTTP handler that determines the response of the server to the user request. The response then passes through the HTTP modules once again and is then sent back to the user.

41. What are the events that happen when a client requests an ASP.NET page from IIS server?
The following events happen when a client requests an ASP.NET page from the IIS server:
User requests for an application resource.
The integrated request-processing pipeline receives the first user request.
Response objects are created for each user request.
An object of the HttpApplication class is created and allocated to the Request object.
The HttpApplication class processes the user request.

42. Explain file-based dependency and key-based dependency.
In file-based dependency, you have to depend on a file that is saved in a disk. In key-based dependency, you have to depend on another cached item.

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