manual testing11. If an application is in production, and one module of code is modified, is it necessary to retest?

just that module or should all of the other modules be tested as well?
It is a good idea to perform regression testing and to check all of the other modules as well. At the least, system testing should be performed.

12. What should be included in a test strategy?

The test strategy includes a plan for how to test the application and exactly what will be tested (user interface, modules, processes, etc.). It establishes limits for testing and indicates whether manual or automated testing will be used.

13. What can be done to develop a test for a system if there are no functional specifications or any system and development documents?

When there are no functional specifications or system development documents, the tester should familiarize themselves with the product and the code. It may also be helpful to perform research to find similar products on the market.

14. What are the functional testing types?

The following are the types of functional testing:
Error handling
Input domain

15. What is the difference between sanity testing and smoke testing?

When sanity testing is conducted, the product is sent through a preliminary round of testing with the test group in order to check the basic functionality such as button functionality. Smoke testing, on the other hand is conducted by developers based on the requirements of the client.

16. Explain random testing.

Random testing involves checking how the application handles input data that is generated at random. Data types are typically ignored and a random sequence of letter, numbers, and other characters are inputted into the data field.

17. Define smoke testing.

Smoke testing is a form of software testing that is not exhaustive and checks only the most crucial components of the software but does not check in more detail.

Advanced Manual Testing Interview Questions

18. What steps are involved in sanity testing?

Sanity testing is very similar to smoke testing. It is the initial testing of a component or application that is done to make sure that it is functioning at the most basic level and it is stable enough to continue more detailed testing.

19. What is the difference between WinRunner and Rational Robot?

WinRunner is a functional test tool but Rational Robot is capable of both functional and performance testing. Also, WinRunner has 4 verification points and Rational Robot has 13 verification points.

20. What is the purpose of the testing process?

The purpose of the testing process is to verifying that input data produces the anticipated output.

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