Salesforce Certification Sample Question and Answers Part 1

#1 What is the syntax for the logout() API call?

a. LogoutResult = binding.logout();
b. LogoutResult = binding.logout (string username, string password);
c. LogoutResult = binding.logout (string username);
d. LogoutResult = binding.logout (string password);

#2 What type of object can be added to your organization’s information using the create() API call?

a. Account
b. Contact
c. Both a and b

#3 What is the functionality of a resetPassword() utility API call?

a. It changes the password to a system-generated value.
b. It changes the password to the specified value.
c. It sets the password to the initially assigned password.
d. None of the above
Changes a user’s password to a temporary, system-generated value.

#4 Which of the following are examples of Assignment operator expressions?

a. +=
b. /=
c. >>>=
d. All of the above

#5 In which type of relationships among objects is the object not deleted when its related product is deleted?

a. Master-Detail
b. Many-to-Many
c. Lookup
d. All of the above

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