Certified Advanced Administrator (ADM-211) Question and Answer-Part1

  1. A Full Sandbox can be refreshed every
    1. 1 per Day
    2. 1 per Month
    3. 1 per 28 Days
    4. 1 per 29 Days
  2. An Unactivated Sandbox will be deleted after
    1. 1 Month
    2. 28 Days
    3. 29 Days
    4. 30 Days
  3. For a High Data Volume Customer which type of sandbox would be a good solution as a Testing Org
    1. Configuration
    2. Developer
    3. Full Copy
    4. Another Production Org
  4. What factors affect the length of time a Sandbox Refresh takes
    1. Object History
    2. Server Load
    3. How Busy IT are
    4. Visualforce Pages
    5. Large Approval processes
  5. Which objects may be different straight after a full copy sandbox refresh (Assume no changes made during refresh)
    1. Account
    2. RecordTypes
    3. User
    4. Products
    5. OpportunityHistory
  6. What should be considered in planning a full copy sandbox refresh
    1. Nothing – everything will be OK
    2. Time taken to happen
    3. Existing Integrations
    4. Changes to Opportunites
    5. Changes to workflow rules
  7. You have a developer Sandbox. When you save an account – you notice it isn’t saved – no message received. Why is this ?
    1. Validation rule
    2. Field Level Security
    3. Storage Limit
    4. Integration issue


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