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android 211.What are the tools are placed in An Android SDK?
Android SDK collaborated with Android Emulator,DDMS(Dalvik Debug Monitoring Services),AAPT(Android Asset Packaging tool) and ADB(Android debug bridge)

12.What is viewGroup in android?
View group is a collection of views and other child views, it is an invisible part and the base class for layouts.

13.What is a service in android?
The Service is like as an activity to do background functionalities without UI interaction.

14.What is a content provider in android?
Content provider only way to share the data across android applications.

15.What are the notifications available in android?
Toast Notification − It will show a pop up message on the surface of the window

Status Bar Notification − It will show notifications on status bar

Dialogue Notification − It is an activity related notification.

16.What is container in android?
The container holds objects,widgets,labels,fields,icons,buttons.etc.

17.What is ADB in android?
It is acts as bridge between emulator and IDE, it executes remote shell commands to run applications on an emulator

18.What is ANR in android?
ANR stands for application is not responding, basically it is a dialog box that appears when the application is not responding.

19.What is an Adapter in android?
The Adapter is used to create child views to represent the parent view items.

20.What is shared preferences in android?
Shared preferences are the simplest mechanism to store the data in XML documents.

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