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asp.net73. What does the “EnableViewState” property do? Why do we want it On or Off?
The EnableViewState property enables the ViewState property on the page. It is set to On to allow the page to save the users input between postback requests of a Web page; that is, between the Request and corresponding Response objects. When this property is set to Off, the page does not store the users input during postback.

74. Which event determines that all the controls are completely loaded into memory?
The Page_Load event determines that all the controls on the page are fully loaded. You can also access the controls in the Page_Init event; however, the ViewState property does not load completely during this event.

75. What is the function of the CustomValidator control?
It provides the customize validation code to perform both client-side and server-side validation.

76. What is Role-based security?
In the Role-based security, you can assign a role to every user and grant the privilege according to that role. A role is a group of principal that restricts a user’s privileges. Therefore, all the organization and applications use role-based security model to determine whether a user has enough privileges to perform a requested task.

77. Which data type does the RangeValidator control support?
The data types supported by the RangeValidator control are Integer, Double, String, Currency, and Date.

78. What are the HTML server controls in ASP.NET?
HTML server controls are similar to the standard HTML elements, which are normally used in HTML pages. They expose properties and events that can be used programmatically. To make these controls programmatically accessible, you need to specify that the HTML controls act as a server control by adding the runat=”server”attribute.

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