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cics1.What’s the CICS command used to access current date and time?
ASKTIME command is used to access current date and time.

2.How do you dynamically set the CURSOR position to a specific field?
MOVE -1 to FIELD + L field. Mention CURSOR option in the SEND command.

3.Which command is used to release a record on which exclusive control is gained?

4.What are the attribute values of Skipper and Stopper fields?
For Skipper field use ASKIP and for stopper field use PROT.

5.How do you set the MDT option to ‘ON’ status, even if data is not entered?
Mention FSET option in DFHMDF or set it dynamically in the program using FIELD+A attribute field.

6.Which CICS service transaction is used to gain accessibility to CICS control tables?
CEDA transaction is used to gain accessibility to control tables.

7.Into which table is the terminal id registered?
Terminal Control Table.

8.What is a mapset?
Mapset is a collection of maps which are linked edited together to form a load module. It should have a PPT entry. It can have name from 1 to 7 chars.

9.What is the function of the CICS translator?
The CICS translator converts the EXEC CICS commands into call statements for a specific programming language.

10.What are the differences between an EXEC CICS XCTL and an EXEC CICS LINK command?
The XCTL command transfer control to an application program at the same logical level and do not expect to control back, while the LINK command passes control to an application program at the next logical level and expects control back.

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