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datawarehouse1. What does the subject oriented data warehouse signifies?
A: Subject oriented signifies that the data warehouse stores the information around a particular subject such as product, customer, sales etc.

2. List any five applications of Data Warehouse?
Some applications include Financial services, Banking Services, Customer goods, Retail Sectors, Controlled Manufacturing.


3.What is the very basic difference between data warehouse and Operational Databases?

Data warehouse contains the historical information that is made available for analysis of the business whereas the Operational database contains the current information that is required to run the business.

4.What does OLAP and OLTP stand for?

OLAP is acronym of Online Analytical Processing and OLTP is acronym of Online Transactional Processing

5. List the Schema that Data Warehouse System implements ?
Data Warehouse can implement Star Schema, Snowflake Schema or the Fact Constellation Schema

6. What is Data Warehousing?

Data Warehousing is the process of constructing and using the data warehouse.

7. List the process that are involved in Data Warehousing?
Data Warehousing involves data cleaning, data integration and data consolidations.

8. What is ODS?

ODS is abbreviated as Operational Data Store and it is a repository of real time operational data rather than long term trend data.

9. List the functions of data warehouse tools and utilities?
The functions performed by Data warehouse tool and utilities are Data Extraction, Data Cleaning, Data Transformation, Data Loading and Refreshing

10. What do you mean by Data Extraction?

Data Extraction means gathering the data from multiple heterogeneous sources.

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