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ims-db11.What is the use of PROCOPT?
Procopt parameter specifies PROCESSING OPTIONS that define the type of processing performed on a segment.

12.What is multi-positioning?
Multi-positioning is an option whereby the IMS maintains a separate position on each hierarchical path. When more than one PCBs refer to the same DBD, it is called multi-positioning.

13.Define a search field.
The field that is used to retrieve the data is known as a search field.

14.What is a GOBACK statement?
A Goback statement is used to pass the control back to the IMS control program.

15.Define a call statement.
A Call statement is used to request for DL/I services such as performing certain operations on the IMS database.

16.What is the function of a GU call?
‘GU’ or Get Unique works similar to the random read statement in COBOL. It is used to fetch a particular segment occurrence based on the field values which can be provided using Segment Search Arguments.

17.What is the function of a GHU call?
‘GHU’ or Get Hold Unique specifies that we are going to update a segment after retrieval. GHU corresponds to the GU call.

18.What is the function of SSA?
SSA is known as Segment Search Arguments. SSA is an optional parameter. It is used to identify the segment occurrence being accessed. We can include any number of SSAs depending on the requirement.

19.Explain index pointer segment.
DL/I stores the pointer to segments of the indexed database in a separate database. Index pointer segment is the only type of secondary index.

20.Which is the first statement in COBOL-IMS programs?
Entry statement is the first statement after the procedure division.

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