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manual testing31. In which phase should testing begin – requirements, planning, design, or coding?

Testing should begin as early as the requirements phase.

32. Can you test a program and find 100% of the errors?

It is impossible to fine all errors in an application mostly because there is no way to calculate how many errors exist. There are many factors involved in such a calculation such as the complexity of the program, the experience of the programmer, and so on. This Manual testing interview questions is the most tricky questions considered by testers.

33. What is the difference between debugging and testing?

The main difference between debugging and testing is that debugging is typically conducted by a developer who also fixes errors during the debugging phase. Testing on the other hand, finds errors rather than fixes them. When a tester finds a bug, they usually report it so that a developer can fix it.

34. How should testing be conducted?

Testing should be conducted based on the technical requirements of the application.

35. What is considered to be a good test?

Testing that covers most of the functionality of an object or system is considered to be a good test.

36. What is the difference between top-down and bottom-up testing?

Top-Down testing begins with the system and works its way down to the unit level. Bottom-up testing checks in the opposite direction, unit level to interface to overall system. Both have value but bottom-up testing usually aids in discovering defects earlier in the development cycle, when the cost to fix errors is lower.

37. Explain how to develop a test plan and a test case.

A test plan consists of a set of test cases. Test cases are developed based on requirement and design documents for the application or system. Once these documents are thoroughly reviewed, the test cases that will make up the test plan can be created.

38. What is the role of quality assurance in a product development lifecycle?

Quality assurance should be involved very early on in the development life cycle so that they can have a better understanding of the system and create sufficient test cases. However, QA should be separated from the development team so that the team is not able to build influence on the QA engineers.

39. What is the average size of executables that you have created?

This is a simple interview question about our experience with executables. If you know the size of any that you’ve created, simply provide this info.

40. What version of the Oracle are you familiar with?

This is an interview question about experience. Simply provide the versions of the software that you have experience with.

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