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oracle dba21) Difference between ad_bugs table and ad_applied_patches?
• When you apply the patch from adpatch utility ad_applied_patches table will get updated.
• Ad_applied _patch doesn’t store the information which was not applied using adpatch.
• Such type of information will be stored in ad_bugs table.
• Also, if all the patches are applied using the adpatch utility, that information is also stored in the ad_bugs_table.

22) What things you do to reduce patch timing?
• Admrgpch utility is used for merging all the patches.
• Various adpatch options like nocompiledb or nocompilejsp are used for reducing patch timing.
• By Using defaults file.
• By using, staged APPL_TOP for upgradation.
• By increasing the batch size, this might result into negative results.

23) What are the main configuration files in web server (Apache)?
Main configuration files in Oracle Apps Web server are

• Httpd.conf
• Apps.conf
• Oracle_apache.conf
• Httpd_pls.conf
• Jserv.conf
• ssp_init.txt
• Jserv and zone properties
• Plsql.conf
• Wdbsvr.app

24) What are GSM and FNDSM?

• GSM stands for Generic Service Management Framework.
• Oracle E-Business suite contains many services used to start at their own earlier, but managing these services are distributed across network.
• So, GSM is an extension of concurrent processing which manages all your services.
• With GSM all services are centrally managed.
• FNDSM is executable and core component in GSM.

25) What are cursor attributes?

• Cursor attributes are used to get information about the current status of your cursor.
Both explicit and implicit cursors have four attributes as shown
• FOUND – It Returns TRUE if record was fetched successfully, FALSE otherwise
• NOTFOUND – Returns TRUE if record was not fetched successfully, FALSE otherwise.
• ROWCOUNT – Returns number of records fetched from cursor at that point in time.
• ISOPEN – Returns TRUE if cursor is open, FALSE otherwise.

26) What is the purpose of cluster?

• Cluster is used storing table data.
• It contains group of tables that share the same data blocks.
• Suppose if you cluster EMP and DEPT table, both share same DEPTNO column.
• Oracle stores all rows of each department physically from both the EMP and DEPT tables in the same data blocks.
• Clusters can’t be used for tables that are frequently fetched.

27) How to confirm if Apps Listener is up and running?
Execute the following commands

• lsnrctl status APPS _$SID( SID is your instance name)
• For example if our SID is test, then use

lsnrctl status APPS_test
If the listener is up you will observe the following output
• Services summary
• FNDFS has 1 service handler(s)
• FNDSM has 1 service handler(s)

28) What is Adadmin and why it is used?
• Adadmin (Ad administration) is used to perform a number of administrative tasks to maintain the Oracle Applications.
• For Oracle Applications to run smoothly Adadmin is used.
• Adadmin performs work at both database level and file system level.
• Application users are requested to provide all inputs at Adadmin prompt which displays various options from Adadmin menu.
• You can run non_interactive tasks and this is really useful for scheduling routine tasks that require no user intervention.

29) What are the adadmin activities that can be run in a parallel way?
• Recreate grants and synonyms.
• Compile APPS schema
• Maintain multiple reporting currencies schema.
• Convert to Multi-org.
• Generate message files.
• Generate form files.
• Generate report files.

30) What is copy driver (c driver) and what does it do?
• All the files in the patch are copied to APPL_TOP by C driver.
• It extracts all the appropriate files from c library.
• Oracle applications products are relinked by C driver.
• Regenerates the JAR files and compiles the Java server pages(JSP) files.
• Compares the files in the patch with the files in the $APPL_TOP.
• If all the files in the patch are of higher version, Adpatch copies all the files from patch to $APPL_TOP.

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