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Salesforce Administrator – Summer ’16 Release Exam

1. In Salesforce Classic, what is true about Sharing Settings for Files attached to records? 

A.  Access can be set to Viewer Only
B.  Access can be set to Set By Record
C.  Access can be set to Edit Only
D.  Access can be set to Read Only

2. What action can the recipient of a shared note perform in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic?

A.  View note
B.  Create note
C.  Delete note
D.  Edit note

3. Which are two capabilities of Chatter Questions?
Choose 2 answers

A.  View a list of Questions in Questions tab
B.  Incorporate Chatter Questions into Self-service Communities
C.  Receive alerts when answers are posted
D.  Create cases from Questions in Chatter

4. Which two permissions need to be assigned for a User to view and edit information on the Health Check page in Setup?
Choose 2 answers

A.  View Setup and Configuration
B.  View all Data
C.  Customize Application
D.  Modify All Data

5. When an identity verification method is added to a user’s account, what confirms this action?

A.  User is assigned a task
B.  User gets an email
C.  User receives on-screen prompt
D.  User is awarded a badge

6. What is true about how Process Builder executes actions?

A.  Processes can execute actions when the action group contains scheduled actions
B.  Processes can execute actions using undefined criteria
C.  Processes can execute actions based on only one criteria
D.  Processes can execute actions on more than one criteria


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