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Salesforce-Certified-Platform-App-BuilderSalesforce App Builder Dumps Certification Question and Answers – Part 3

21) Which statements are true regarding Roll-Up Summary fields? (select all that apply)
a) Once created, you cannot change the detail object selected or delete any field referenced in your roll-up summary definition.
b) Because roll-up summary fields are not displayed on edit pages, you can use them in validation rules.
c) Validation errors can display when saving either the detail or master record.
d) Advanced currency management has no affect on roll-up summary fields.
e) Automatically derived fields, such as current date or current user, are allowed in a roll-up summary field.

22) Describe the ramifications of field updates and potential for recursion for the following scenario:
If a field update for Rule1 triggers Rule2, and a field update for Rule2 triggers Rule1.
a) The updates create a loop and the org limits for workflow time triggers per hour will likely be violated.
b) When the second trigger is saved a Imminent Loop Error message will be displayed and the workflow rule update will not save.
c) The updates create a loop and the org be blocked until the admin resolves the issue
d) Loop is allowed to run 25 times within one hour. If it does not end on its own the process will be stopped by R&D.

23) What is true when a field update is set to re-evaluate the workflow rule? (choose three)
a) In a batch update, workflow is only retriggered on the entities where there is a change.
b) Only workflow rules on the same object as the initial field update will be re-evaluated and triggered.
c) Only workflow rules that didn’t fire before will be retriggered.
d) Cascade of workflow rule re-evaluation and triggering can happen up to ten times after the initial field update that started it.
e) Any workflow rules whose criteria are met as a result of the field update will be ignored.

24) Identify the field update limitations. (choose three)
a) Field updates that are executed as approval actions don’t trigger workflow rules.
b) Read-only fields like formula or auto-number fields aren’t available for field updates.
c) The results of a field update can’t trigger additional rules such as validation, assignment, auto-response, or escalation rules.
d) In a batch update, workflow is retriggered on all entities where there is a change.

25) What is true about social accounts :
a) You can use social accounts data even when you are not logged into the social account.
b) You need a personal social account in order to see social account data
c) You can use social accounts to import data into salesforce
d) Connection to social account is established thru a company wide “named principal”

26) A salesperson at AW Computing only see’s the Social Contact’s link for Twitter and not Facebook on his records. Why would this be happening?
a) The administrator hasn’t enabled Social Contacts for Facebook
b) Facebook is no longer supported by Social Contacts
c) The salesperson’s login with Facebook has expired
d) None of his Facebook contacts have confirmed the nature of their relationship

27) Which social networks are available in the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1? (select all that apply)
a) Facebook
b) Twitter
c) LinkedIn
d) Klout

28) A Lightning Page is?
a) A page you can access via a customer community.
b) The new name for a Salesforce page layout.
c) A custom layout for creating pages in Salesforce1.
d) A compact, configurable, and reusable element.

29) What can you build with the Lightning App Builder?
a) At-a-glance, dashboard-style apps.
b) Apps optimized for a particular task.
c) Simple, single-page apps with drill-down capability.
d) All of the above

30) Actions on a Lightning Page allow you to do which of the following?
a) Send email, create a task, and create or update records.
b) Send email and delete or clone records
c) Clone records, add users, and assign permissions.
d) Send email, send outbound messages, and launch a flow.

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