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salesforce41. What is an Account Team? (EE/UE)
– Used for collaborative account management
– Used for sharing as well as reporting purposes
– Manually added to Account records
– Default Account Teams may be automatically added to a user’s accounts
– Who can add an account team?
• Owner
• Anyone above owner in role hierarchy
• Administrator
Please note that Account Teams are not available for Professional Edition.

42. What is an Case Team? (EE/UE)
Case teams enable full communication and collaboration on solving customer issues. You can:
– Add teams of users to cases
– Create a workflow for case teams
– Predefine case teams for users
– Determine the level of access
– Administrators can predefine case teams for users and determine the level of access each team member has to a case, such as Read/Write or Read/Only.

43. What are Folders?
– Used for organizing email templates, documents, reports and dashboards
– Access is defined – Read or Read/Write
– Access is explicit – does NOT roll up through role hierarchy

44. What is Workflow?
Salesforce Workflow gives you the ability to automatically:
Create and send email alerts
Create and assign tasks
Update field values to either specific values, or based on formulas
Create and send outbound API messages
Create and execute time-dependent actions

45. What are Workflow Components available?
Workflow Rules – trigger criteria for performing various workflow actions
Workflow Tasks – action that assigns a task to a targeted user
Workflow Email Alerts – action that sends an email to targeted recipients
Workflow Field Updates – action that updates the value of a field automatically
Workflow Outbound Messages – action that sends a secure configurable API message (in XML format) to a designated listener

46. What is a Workflow Rule?
– Defined trigger criteria based on your business requirements
– Evaluated when record is created, when created/updated, OR when created/updated and did not previously meet trigger criteria
– When trigger criteria is met workflow actions, such as email alerts, tasks, field updates, or outbound messages are generated

47. What is a Workflow Task?
When a Workflow Rule is met, a Task may be assigned to designated users to follow-up and respond to the Business Conditions in the Workflow Rule
– Workflow Tasks may be assigned to a user, role, record owner, record creator, sales team role, or account team

48. What is a Workflow Alert?
Workflow Alerts are emails generated by a workflow rule whenever specific Business Actions trigger the rule

49. What is a Workflow Field Update?
Field updates enables you to automatically change the value of a field to a specific value.
Depending on the type of field you can:
• Change it to a specific value
• Make it blank
• Calculate a value based on a formula you create

50.What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is one of the most flexible and powerful web based databases available on the market. More than 170,000 companies and 17,000 nonprofit organizations have already discovered the results Salesforce.com can deliver.Cloud for Synagogues is built on the Salesforce platform. It is a great starting point for any synagogue looking to track constituents, members, donors, Yahrzeits, Aliyahs, donations, Sunday School attendance, volunteers, and cases.

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