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Its very hectic to debug when we have too many script statements. Most of the time when we apply System.debug in our code with many script statement we get :

*********** MAXIMUM DEBUG LOG SIZE REACHED ***********

I get frustrated with this and started rolling over the pdf which says there is a solution for this. Now if I want to see a specific line debug which is coming almost in the end of our code so I will simply write this where I want to get the debug in my code :

System.debug(Logginglevel.ERROR , ‘ ::::::: My Debug :::::::::::::’) ;  
And after this some steps to be done
  1. Create Debug logs from “Monitoring”
  2. Create Filters :
    • Database : NONE
    • Workflow : NONE
    • Validation : NONE
    • Callouts : NONE
    • Apex Code : ERROR
    • Apex Profiling : NONE
    • Visualforce : NONE
So when I execute my code only debug with Logginglevel.ERROR will be displayed.

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