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xml19. Using XSLT, how would you extract the value of a specific attribute from an element in an XML document?
The components necessary for the above mentioned operation are as follows:
The template element – Matches the correct XML element.
The value-of element – Selects the attribute value.
The optional apply-templates element – Allows continuous processing of the document

20. Which classes are supported to make an XML DOM?
The following are the different classes in the System.Xml namespace that make up the XML DOM:
The XmlNode class
The XmlDocument Class
The XmlElement Class
The XmlAttribute Class
The XmlText class
The XmlComment class
The XmlNodeList Class

21. Which class is used to encode and decode XML names and contains different methods to convert between CLR types and XSD types.

The XmlConvert Class.

22. What is the DTD?
The DTD is Document Type Definition that describes the formation of the content of an XML document. The DTD manages the data to store in a consistent format. It defines the XML elements and attributes about how they should be present in XML documents and what relation they should have with other elements and attributes. The DTD also allows you to mention whether an XML element is optional or not. If the XML documents are not according to the DTD rules, they are not considered valid.

23. Is it true that the XML’s goal is to replace HTML?
No, it is not true. Both are necessary in their respective fields.

24. What is XSLT?
XSLT is Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations that is a part of XML, which is a mechanism to transform an XML document into another XML or HTML document.

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