hbase21. What is use of tools command?
This command is used to list the hbase surgery tools.

22. What is the use of shutdown command?
It is used to shut down the cluster.

23. What is the use of truncate command?
It is used to disable, recreate and drop the specified tables.

24. Which command is used to run HBase Shell?
$ ./bin/hbase shell command is used to run the hbase shell.

25. Which command is used to show the current Hbase user?
whoami command is used to show Hbase user.

26. How to delete the table with the shell?
To delete table first disable it then delete it.

27. What is use of InputFormat in MapReducr process?
InputFormat the input data, and then it returns a RecordReader instance that defines the classes of the key and value objects, and provides a next() method that is used to iterate over each input record.

28. What is the full form of MSLAB?
MSLAB stands for Memstore-Local Allocation Buffer.

29. Define LZO?
Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer (LZO) is a lossless data compression algorithm that is focused on decompression speed, and written in ANSIC.

30. What is Hbase Fsck?
HBase comes with a tool called hbck which is implemented by the HBaseFsck class. It provides various command-line switches that influence its behavior.

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