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advanced java145. What is the Set interface?

The Set interface provides methods for accessing the elements of a finite mathematical set. Sets do not allow duplicate elements.

146. What classes of exceptions may be thrown by a throw statement?

A throw statement may throw any expression that may be assigned to the Throwable type.

147. What are E and PI?

E is the base of the natural logarithm and PI is mathematical value pi.

148. Are true and false keywords?

The values true and false are not keywords.

149. What is a void return type?

A void return type indicates that a method does not return a value.

150. What is the purpose of the enableEvents() method?

The enableEvents() method is used to enable an event for a particular object. Normally, an event is enabled when a listener is added to an object for a particular event.

The enableEvents() method is used by objects that handle events by overriding their event-dispatch methods.

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