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apache solr11.Define Dynamic Fields?
Dynamic Fields are a useful feature if users by any chance forget to define one or more fields. They allow excellent flexibility to index fields that have not been explicitly defined in the schema.

12.What is Field Analyzer?
Working with textual data in Solr, Field Analyzer reviews and checks the filed text and generates a token stream. The pre-process of analyzing of input text is performed at the time of searching or indexing and at query time. Most Solr applications use Custom Analyzers defined by users. Remember, each Analyzer has only one Tokenizer. You can define an analyzer in the application using the below syntax:

13.What is the use of tokenizer?
It is used to split a stream of text into a series of tokens, where each token is a subsequence of characters in the text. The token produced are then passed through Token Filters that can add, remove or update the tokens. Later,that field is indexed by the resulting token stream.

14.What is phonetic filter?
Phonetic filter creates tokens using one of the phonetic encoding algorithms in the org.apache.commons.codec.language package.

15.What is SolrCloud?
Apache Solr facilitates fault-tolerant, high-scalable searching capabilities that enable users to set up a highly-available cluster of Solr servers. These capabilities are well revered as SolrCloud.

16.What is copying field?
It is used to describe how to populate fields with data copied from another field.

17.What is Highlighting?
Highlighting refers to the fragmentation of documents matching the user’s query included in the query response. These fragments are then highlighted and placed in a special section, which is used by clients and users to present the snippets. Solr consists of a number of highlighting utilities having control over different fields. The highlighting utilities can be called by Request Handlers and reused with standard query parsers.

18.Name different types of highlighters?
There are 3 highlighters in Solr:
• Standard Highlighter: provides precise matches even for advanced queryparsers.
• FastVector Highlighter: Though less advanced than Standard Highlighter, it works better for more languages and supports Unicode breakiterators.
• Postings Highlighter: Much more precise, efficient and compact than the above vector one but inappropriate for a more number of query terms.

19.What is the use of stats.field?
It is used to generate statistics over the results of arbitrary numeric functions.

20.What command is used to see how to use the bin/Solr script?
Execute $ bin/Solr –helpto see how to use the bin/Solr script.

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