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apache solr21.Which syntax is used to stop Solr?
$ bin/solr stop -p 8983 is used to stop Solr.

22.Which command is used to start Solr in foreground?
$ bin/solr start –f is used to start Solr in foreground.

23.What syntax is used to check whether Solr is currently running or not?
$ bin/solr status is used to check Solr running status.

24.Give the syntax to start the server.
$ bin/solr start is used to start the server.

25.How to shut down Apache Solr?
Solr is shut down from the same terminal where it was launched. Click Ctrl+C to shut it down.

26.What data is specified by Schema?
Schema declares –
• how to index and search each field
• what kinds of fields are available
• what fields are required
• what field should be used as the unique/primary key

27.Name the basic Field types in Solr.
• date
• long
• double
• text
• float

28.How to install Solr?
The three steps of Installation are:
1. Server-related files, e.g. Tomcat or start.jar (Jetty)
2. Solr webapp as a .war
3. Solr Home which comprises the data directory and configuration files

29.What are the important configuration files of Solr?
Solr supports two important configuration files
1. solrconfig.xml
2. schema.xml

30.What are the most common elements in solrconfig.xml?
The most common elements in solrconfig.xml are:
1. Search components
2. Cache parameters
3. Data directory location
4. Request handlers

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