datastage1) I have 3 jobs a,b & c, which are dependent each other, I want to run a & C jobs daily and b job run only on Sunday. How can I do it?
If we have third party tool $unives we can schedule A&C first job AB&C Second job.

First job will run daily

second job will run only Sunday

2) Explain how a source file is populated?
We can populate a source file in many ways such as by creating a SQL query in Oracle, or by using row generator extract tool etc.

3) Name the command line functions to import and export the DS jobs?
To import the DS jobs, dsimport.exe is used and to export the DS jobs, dsexport.exe is used.

4) What is the difference between Datastage 7.5 and 7.0?
In Datastage 7.5 many new stages are added for more robustness and smooth performance, such as Procedure Stage, Command Stage, Generate Report etc.

5) In Datastage, how you can fix the truncated data error?
The truncated data error can be fixed by using ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE ‘

6) Define Merge?
Merge means to join two or more tables. The two tables are joined on the basis of Primary key columns in both the tables.

7) Differentiate between data file and descriptor file?
As the name implies, data files contains the data and the descriptor file contains the description/information about the data in the data files.

8) Differentiate between datastage and informatica?
In datastage, there is a concept of partition, parallelism for node configuration. While, there is no concept of partition and parallelism in informatica for node configuration. Also, Informatica is more scalable than Datastage. Datastage is more user-friendly as compared to Informatica.

9) Define Routines and their types?
Routines are basically collection of functions that is defined by DS manager. It can be called via transformer stage. There are three types of routines such as, parallel routines, main frame routines and server routines.

10) How can you write parallel routines in datastage PX?
We can write parallel routines in C or C++ compiler. Such routines are also created in DS manager and can be called from transformer stage.

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