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silverlight41. How can be the default page settings changed for a silverlight page ?
You can change the default page settings of a silverlight page.
This can be done by setting the RootVisual property in the Application_Startup event of the App.xaml file.
This is done as follows:

Private void Application_StartUp(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)


this.RootVisual = new MainPage();


42. Give the reasons how Ajax is better than a Java applet ?
As we know that, the applications with Ajax runs faster when compared to Java applet.
This is because, Java applets load big sized libraries.
But in Ajax, code resides on the web server where, only the required event in the user interface is posted back to the server.

43. Give an example of creating button in XAML ?
In XAML, a button can be created as in the following example:


<Grid x:Name=”LayoutRoot” Background=”White”>

<Button Width=”60″ Height=”30″>Click Here</Button>


But in Visual Studio, you can directly create a button.

44. Which types of video files can silverlight support ?
Silverlight can support many types of video files.
This platform can support MP3, Windows Media Audio format (wma, wmv7-9), and also VC-1 formats.

45. Explain Deep Zoom in silverlight ?
Deep Zoom is one of the features of silverlight.
This Deep Zoom function is to zoom in and zoom out the application.
The main advantage of this zooming is that, it will not affect the performance of the application.

46. What is .xap file in context of Silverlight?
The .xap file is a compressed output file for the Silverlight application. This file includes AppManifest.xaml, compiled output assembly of the Silverlight project (.dll) and other resource files referred by the Silverlight application.

47. What browsers and platforms are supported by Silverlight version 2?
Silverlight version 2 supports all popular browsers like Internet Explorer,Firefox,Safari on Both Mac OS and windows OS.

48. What is story Board in Silverlight?
A Storyboard in the Silverlight is a container where we can put animation objects. We need to make the Storyboard a resource that is available to the objects that we want to animate.

49.What is Easing Functions in Silverlight?
Easing functions is used in Silverlight to utilise custom mathematical formulas to animations. For example,if we want an object to oscillate we could use we can use a corresponding mathmetical function to accurately depict this motion.

50. What happens if we press F5 in Visual Studio to run a Silverlight Application?
The following happens if we press F5 in Visual Studio to run a Silverlight Application.
a)A new folder is created in website project.(It happens only first time)
b)The name of the folder is Clientbin.
c)The folder contains the packages with .xap extension.

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