Home Interview Questions and Answers Operating System Basics Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers and Experience Part-6

os31. What is SMP?
To achieve maximum efficiency and reliability a mode of operation known as symmetric multiprocessing is used. In essence, with SMP any process or threads can be assigned to any processor.
32. What are the key object oriented concepts used by Windows NT?
Encapsulation, Object class and instance.

33. Is Windows NT a full blown object oriented operating system? Give reasons.
No Windows NT is not so, because its not implemented in object oriented language and the data structures reside within one executive component and are not represented as objects and it does not support object oriented capabilities.

34. What is a drawback of MVT?
It does not have the features like
ability to support multiple processors
virtual storage
source level debugging

35. What is process spawning?
When the OS at the explicit request of another process creates a process, this action is called process spawning.

36. How many jobs can be run concurrently on MVT?
15 jobs.

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