Home Interview Questions and Answers Operating System Basics Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers and Experience Part-8

os43. What are the possible threads a thread can have?
44. What are rings in Windows NT?
Windows NT uses protection mechanism called rings provides by the process to implement separation between the user mode and kernel mode.

45. What is Executive in Windows NT?
In Windows NT, executive refers to the operating system code that runs in kernel mode.

46. What are the sub-components of I/O manager in Windows NT?
Network redirector/ Server
Cache manager.
File systems
Network driver
Device driver

47. What are DDks? Name an operating system that includes this feature.
DDks are device driver kits, which are equivalent to SDKs for writing device drivers. Windows NT includes DDks.

48. What level of security does Windows NT meets?
C2 level security.

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