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qtp41) What is GetRoProperty ?

GetRoProperty is a standard method provided by QTP to fetch property values of a run -time object.

42) What is smart Identification?

Typically, if even one of the on-screen object property does not match the recorded object property. The test fails.

In smart identification, QTP does not give an error if the property values do not match, but uses Base filter and Optional Filter properties to uniquely identify an object. In Smart identification, if a property value does not match the script does not fail but it proceeds ahead to compare the next property. Smart identification can be enabled in Object Identification Dialog box.

Learn more about SMART Identification

43) How would you export a Script from one PC to another in QTP ?

We can make use of the “Generate Script” function available in Object Identification, Test Settings and Tools/Options tab to create a zip of the script at the source computer. These zip files then can be imported into QTP at the destination computer.

44) Can launch two instances of QTP on the same machine ?

No. You can work with only single instance of QTP on the same machine. But QTP itself can work on multiple instances of the Application Under Test (AUT). Ex: QTP can handle multiple IE browser windows.

45) Give the syntax to import/export xls into QTP.

DataTable.ImportSheet “..\..\TestData\Input.xls”,1,dtGlobalSheet

DataTable.ExportSheet “..\..\Results\Output.xls”,”Global”

46) What is SetToProperty ?

SetToProperty changes property of an object stored in the Object Repository. However these changes are not permanent.

47) What is the standard timing delay for web based application in QTP ?
The standard delay is 60 seconds. This is can be changed in Test Settigns.

48) What is the Action Conversion Tool ?

It is an in-built tool provided by QTP to convert Actions into Business Process Components.

49) What is the extension for a function library ?

The extension is ‘.QFL’

50) If the Global Data sheet contains no data and the Local Datasheet contains two rows of data, how many times will the test iterate?
The test will iterate only once – global iteration.

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