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Skill Based Routing via Salesforce Flow – Khyati Mehta

Skills-based routing looks at the skills required to complete a work item and matches these to the skills that are assigned to the agent. Omni-Channel routes the work to the first agent who has the required skills. Work items can have multiple skills, and agents can have multiple skills. If you want to route work by skills, you will have to use a setup flow to define mappings between work-item field values and skills. You have to basically create one skill mapping set for each object. In this video, we will understand step by step on how to configure skill based routing in our org.

Step by Step about Skill Based Routing via Salesforce Flow:

  • 00:00 Introduction Skill Based Routing
  • 00:42 Enable Omni-Channel & Enable Skills-Based Routing (Setup – Omni-Channel – Omni-Channel Settings)
  • 01:07 Create Service Channels (Case/Lead or any Custom Object)
  • 01:38 Create Skills (Setup – Omni-Channel – Skills)
  • 02:33 Create Service Resources (From App Launcher – Service Resources)
  • 03:09 Assign Skills to Services Resources ( From Service Resources – Create a Skills from Related Tab)
  • 04:25 Create Presence Statuses & Assign the Status to Profile
  • 05:47 Create Salesforce Flow logics to route the cases based on the Skills & Resources
  • 09:54 Call the Apex Class using Salesforce Flow
  • 10:43 Demo – Skill Based Routing via Salesforce Flow


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