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spring16Spring 16 Release Exam Dumps for Salesforce Administrator (201)

1. Which areas are calculated for the Health Check score?
Choose 2 answers

A. Number of users
B. Session Settings
C. Profiles and Permissions assigned
D. Password Policy
E. Login attempts

2. What key user access data is included in login forensics?

A. Who logged in from a new browser more than once in a day.
B. Who logged in more than the number set in the profile.
C. Who logged in during business hours.
D. Who logged in more than the average number of times.

3. What is true regarding the new Data Loader?

A. It has a new column flagging duplicate files.
B. It supports Web Server OAuth Authentication for Windows or Mac.
C. It has downloadable add-ons published through the AppExchange.
D. It works with all legacy security protocol.

4. What does the Customize Application permission setting allow?

A. To create article types.
B. To edit contract settings.
C. To modify custom picklist values.
D. To create a new user.

5. What object types is Work Orders object associated with?
Choose 2 answers

A. Products
B. Service Contracts
C. Milestones
D. Cases
E. Leads

Spring ’16 – Release Notes

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