web services25. What do you understand by SOAP encoding?
The Serialization of the types, such as integers and strings, inside a SOAP message is called encoding. The SOAP objects use XML elements and attributes to serialized data, for example, encodingStyle is an attribute of theEnvelop element, which is used to specify the encoding rules for a SOAP object.

26. What is the use of a .disco file?
A client application uses a .disco file to locate or discover the documents that contain the description of a Web service. The .disco file contains links to other resources, which describe essential features, such as capabilities of a Web service. The links contained in a .disco file can refer to other discovery documents or XSD schemas. The description about the services and capabilities of a Web service is written in Web services Description Language (WSDL). A .disco file can also contain the information about other XML Web services that reside on the same or a different Web server.

27. Mention the name of the directory where it is necessary to locate the proxy file to use a Web service.

The proxy file must be stored in the /bin directory. This directory is situated under the root directory of the application.

28. Does a Web service have state?
The Web services do not have any technique to maintain state. However, it can access ASP.NET objects, such as application and session if they extend from the WebService base class.

29. Which namespace must be included in a code that enables a XML Web service to write events in an event log file?
The System.Diagnostics is the namespace, which must be included in a code to enable a Web service for writing events in an event log file.

30. Which tool installs the DLL on your local computer and installs the Windows service in a transactional manner?
The Installutil.exe tool.

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