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cobal11.What is the purpose of Identification Division?
Identification Division is used for documentation purpose.

The maximum size of a numeric field is PIC 9(18).

CONTINUE transfers the control to the next statement after the scope terminator. NEXT SENTENCE transfers the control to the statement after the first period encountered.

01 is of the record level. We repeat the fields within a record, not the record itself. So an Occurs clause can not be used at 01 level.

To write into a file, the file has to be opened in either OUTPUT or EXTEND mode.

16.What is the difference between static call and dynamic call?
In static call, the called program is a stand alone program, it is an executable program. During run time we can call it in our called program. As about dynamic call, the called program is not an executable program; it can be executed through the called program only.

The linkage section is a part of a called program that ‘links’ or maps to data items in the calling program’s working storage.

The program will go in an infinite loop.

It is stored in the last nibble.

Comp is a binary usage, while comp-3 indicates packed decimal.

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