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cobal21.What is the purpose of Identification Division?
Identification Division is used for documentation purpose.

22.What is the difference between static call and dynamic call?
In static call, the called program is a stand alone program, it is an executable program. During run time we can call it in our called program. As about dynamic call, the called program is not an executable program; it can be executed through the called program only.

23.What is Redefines clause?
Redefines clause is used to allow the same storage allocation to be referenced by different data names.

24.What is the Purpose of Pointer Phrase in STRING command?
The Purpose of Pointer phrase is to specify the leftmost position within the receiving field where the first transferred character will be stored.

25.What is 77 level used for?
It is an elementary level item which cannot be subdivided.

26.What is binary search?
Compare the item to be searched with the item at the centre. If it matches fine else repeat the process with the left half or the right half depending on where the item lies.

27.What is the use of EVALUATE statement?
Evaluate is like a case statement and can be used to replace nested Ifs. No break is required as the control comes out as a soon as match is found.

28.Can I redefine an X(10) field with a field of X(20)?
Yes, as Redefines causes both fields to start at the same location.

29.What is COMP-1 and COMP-2?
COMP-1 is single precision floating point that uses 4 bytes. COMP-2 is double precision floating point that uses 8 bytes.

30.What is the function of Accept Verb?
Accept Verb is used to get data such as date, time, and day from operating system or directly from the user. If a program is accepting data from the user, then it needs to be passed through the JCL.


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