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qc11.Is it possible to maintain test data in ALM?
Test data can be stored in a seperate file(say excel sheets) and uploaded along with the test cases or it can be maintained under parameters tab of a test case.

12.How to avoid logging duplicate defects in Quality Center?
In the defect tracking window of ALM, there is a “find similar defect” icon. When this button is clicked after writing the defect, if anybody else has logged a similar defect then the system points it out.

13.How to generate defect ID in ALM?
The Defect ID is automatically generated after clicking Submit button.

14.What are the status of a Test Case?
The Execution status of a test case can be − Pass, Fail, Blocked, No Run.

15.Is it possible to import test cases from Excel / Word to ALM?
Yes. Using the MS Excel/Word Plugin.

16.Is it possible to export ALM test cases to Excel?
Yes. Select the tests that needs to be exported and perform Right Click and select “Save selected” or “Save All” and enter the file name to be exported to excel.

17.What is Business Component?
Yes. ALM supports Business Process Testing (BPT) in which Subject Matter Experts can create tests in a without involving in the Nitty-gritty of test case/script designing.

18.How can we save the tests Executed in test lab?
Once a test is executed the status of the tests are automatically saved when the user clicks on “END RUN” button in the Test Lab

19.What are the supported databases of HP ALM?
HP ALM supports MS SQL and ORACLE

20.How to use UFT as an automation tool in ALM?
HP UFT can be used in conjuction with HP ALM using the add-in HP ALM − UFT addin

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