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qc21.Can you switch between two projects in ALM?
Testers can switch between ALM projects by navigating to Tools >> Change Projects >> Select Project.

22.What is the purpose of storing requirement in ALM?
You can store requirements in ALM to ensure 100% coverage, for change management and also for tracking purposes.

23.What is Coverage status, what does it do?
Coverage status is percentage of testing covered at a given time and also to keep track of project deadline.

24.What are the main components of HP ALM?
It consists of HP ALM Client(IE Browser), ALM Server, Database server.

25.Mention what are the different edition for HP ALM?
ALM Editions are HP ALM essentials, HP QC enterprise edition, HP ALM performance center edition.

26.Explain the Workflow in HP ALM.
HP ALM Workflow includes Release Specification >> Requirement Specification >> Test Planning >> Test Execution >> Defect Tracking.

27.Explain the use of releases and cycles in ALM?
Each product is deployed as many releases and a lot of cycles are associated with each release. Each release has a pre-defined scope and milestone associated with it.

28.Explain how you can customize the defect management cycle in ALM?
Defect Management Cycle can be customized using Project customization menu under Tools menu. Only Project Admins can customize and also we can make use of Script editor for the same.

29.What are the modules in HP ALM?
HP ALM modules are Requirement, Test Plan, Test Lab, Defect.

30.What is the use of Dashboard?
Dashboard consists of Analysis View, Dashboard View using which graphs are generated and analysed.

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