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qc31.What is the use of HP Sprinter?
Sprinter is manual testing utility that is integrated with HP ALM more effectively. It helps us to record and fast farward manual testing. It also allows testers to log defects from Sprinter UI.

32.What is sprinter-data injection?
It is a feature in HP Sprinter using which we can enter data into the application. We can insert multi-set of data directly into the application with respective matching fields all at once.

33.Explain how you can add requirements to test cases in ALM.
We can add either a parent requirement or a child requirement against a test case in ALM

34.What are the default groups and permissions in HP ALM?
The predefined groups are Developer, Project Manager, QA Tester, TD Admin, Viewer.

35.What Types of Graphs available in HP ALM?
The Graphs, Reports, Live Analysis Graphs are available in HP ALM.

36.On Which entities, Follow Up Alert can be created on?
Follow up entities can be created on Test Plan, Test Execution Grid, Defects grid.

37.Defects can be linked to what types of ALM Entities?
Defects can be linked to Tests, Test Steps, Run and Run Steps, Requirements.

38.What type of Tests can be scheduled to be run at a specific Date and Time?
Manual or Automated Tests can be executed at a specified date and time.

39.In which module, the Results of an AUTOMATED test case are stored?
The results are always stored in Test Runs Tab of Test Lab Module.

40.A Test Instance is
a copy of test case that contains various test steps.

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