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qc41.What is Purge Run?
Purge Run is a process used to delete old test run result in project. We can delete the test runs that are old or even a particular test step.

42.How many types of report are there in ALM?
Requirement Module Reports, Test Plan Module Reports, Test Lab Module Reports, Defects Module Reports.

43.What is Unattached Folder in Test Plan?
When we delete a folder, we can choose to delete the folder only, or the folder, its subfolders, and test. If we choose to delete the folder only, all the tests are moved to unattached folder in the test plan tree..

44.Is ‘Not covered’ and ‘Not run’ status are same ?
No, Not Covered status meant for requirements for those tests are neither created nor mapped while Not Run status means for requirements that are yet to be executed

45.What is the advantage of libraries in ALM?
A library represents a collection of entities in a ALM including their relationship to each other A library also allows one to collect the same entities as in versioning.

46.What are the types of tests that you can execute using HP ALM?
HP UFT/QTP Tests, Manual Tests, HP Load Runner/Win Runner Scripts.

47.What are the main features of HP Site Admin?
Creating Projects, Domains, Creating and managing Users, Track user limits etc.

48.What are the currently supported user defined field types?
Number, Date, String, List, User List, Look up list.

49.Why is the use of a filter?
Filter is used to view the data based on user criteria and Filters are available for Graphs, Reports and Grids.

50.Can you schedule a test in HP ALM?
Yes. We can schedule test by navigating to Goto >> Execution flow tab and selecting ‘Test Run Schedule’.

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